Thursday, March 15, 2018

Non-Fiction Units!

It's one of First grades most favorite time of year! We just launched our non fiction reading and writing units! In this unit we use many mentor texts to see text features in action and to get inspired when writing our own non fictions. We will be learning a lot of new information on many animals... including SHARKS! It is so fun for students, but most fun for teachers to see how much these students have grown since the beginning of the year. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


You still have a chance if you wanted to order books for your child.
Scholastic book club order is DUE FRIDAY,
MARCH 9th, 2018
Order online using the class code or send in form J
Class Code - P93H

Friday, February 16, 2018

Conference Time!

Please make sure to sign up for a time to come and talk about your child's success in first grade! Spring conference are very important!
Hope to see you there!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Four Winds

This Four Winds got really hands on and experimental. We learned about the structure of animal skulls and why they are built the way they are... in order to adapt to their environment. 
We learned more about teeth and why some animals have the teeth that they do! We experimented by tasting and chewing different textured of food

We even got to see a HUMAN SKULL!

Celebrations this Past Week...

The 100th Day of School! 

We have been counting down for a very long time! It finally hit the 100th day of school. I was amazed at how much learning we have gotten in in 100 days. Room five celebrated with the rest of first grade by having stations in each first grade class room! 
Students made crowns, gum ball machines, monsters, and found 100 hidden pictures! It was a great day had by ALL!

I Love to Read and Write Celebration

We had such a wonderful time sharing our favorite pieces of writing and reading some of our favorite books or sharing about our favorite part of a book. Room five worked really hard on selecting the best pieces they wanted to share at this celebration. 
It was a day full of love and kindness! 
Thank you for an amazing day. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

I love to Read and Write Party Sign-up

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Wednesday, February 14th


Big happenings in First Grade!

This is one of the biggest weeks in first grade. 
We are doing a lot of check-ins and assessments to see how far we have grown in first grade. Some of the things students may come home to discuss are:

Fast fact check- in- this is where they will record addition and subtraction facts under ten in three minutes. 

Opinion Writing Assessment- This is to wrap up our unit on opinion writing. We have become experts but must always remember... State Opinion, Support with Three facts, Conclude by restating opinion!

Sight Word check in- Students have to know 100 sight words by the end of first grade! We continue to practice sight words EVERYDAY! any extra practice at home is wonderful.
(please let me know if you need that list).

Reading check up- This class has been most excited about their reading levels and working hard to make personal reading gains. This assessment is done 1:1 with the teacher and works on accuracy, fluency and comprehension. To help your child at home ask them questions after they read! 

With all of this said and done... We are excited because Friday is our potential 100th day of SCHOOL! We have been counting down for the past oh.... 75 days! :) 
First grade can't wait! 

Dates to be aware of in this busy month:

Feb. 7 Early Release day. School ends at 12:45

Feb. 14th I love to Read and Write party
(sign-up genius will be sent out)

Feb 26th-March 2nd VACATION WEEK

March 5th and 6th Conferences
(Pick-a-time will be running shortly)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Opinion's are Everywhere!

We have continued our work with opinion writing in room five. This past week we have been trying to connect opinions to real life scenarios. Today, Mr. Antonicci came in to discuss that he would like to purchase more sleds for our school. He wants to know what sled is more fun. The regular sleds, or the round saucers! We took the time to discuss, makes notes and come up with our own opinions with facts to support our reasoning. 

Mr. Antonicci was so impressed, he came back and gave us all special bands! 

Math Talk

Curriculum has really been picking up in first grade! Math especially has had some challenging moments. Room five has used stamina to preserver through these challenging, yet delightful moments. 
One important thing we have been working on is math talk in our warm ups. This is where a problem is presented and students show and explain their thinking. We sometimes do this with one student at a time, or on slates and students will then turn and learn with a partner. 
It is important for them to understand how they are getting these answers and not just by "I Know It's" As the program continues to increase it's structure, we will continue to use math talk.